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stillthere4me said: Timed fic prompt: Henry talking to Belle for the first time since she became his step grandmother. Possible subjects: what happened to her after the skin deep tale in his storybook, books in general, Neal, being a hero, loving someone who used to be a villain, or just welcoming her into the family (or whatever you want those are just ideas).


"Rumple?" Belle shut the shop’s door behind her, heading towards the back room, where she heard a rustling. "I’d come back there, but there really is a pressing matter and if I go back there, we both know that cot will get in the way. Besides, I brought some ice cream and - Henry!" She flushed instantly at seeing her now-grandson emerging from behind the curtain.

"Hey, gran- I mean, Belle," he smiled casually, as if nothing awkward had just been said.

She returned the smile, making a mental note to remind Rumple that he needed to make a schedule for when the boy would be working. She understood his desire to be a part of the family business, and was happy that Rumple was willing to connect with his son’s only child, but they hadn’t been married for long. The shop had become a home away from home for them when the days got too long.

"Congratulations," Henry finally broke the awkward silence, leaning on the counter. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. "On the wedding. I guess we’re family now."

"We are," she agreed. Hesitantly, she sat the plastic bag on the glass surface next to him and pulled the container out along with two spoons. "IK guess he stepped out?"

He nodded, hesitantly accepting the spoon. “His loss,” she grinned, pulling the container open.

"Was ice cream really a good idea, considering…?" he trailed off, taking a bite.

"Elsa? Probably not, but if I know one think about your grandfather, it’s that his sweet tooth is the best way to reason with him," she chuckled, relieved that the awkward tension in the room had eased off.


"Except for cinnamon, I’ve found he doesn’t care for that," she continued, blushing as she remembered how she’d discovered that little detail the morning after their wedding. Making coffee had lead to kissing, which had lead to cream and cinnamon on her instead of their breakfast. However, he’d not complained to the results, she recalled with a smirk that she fought to hide over a bite of the sweet treat.

"I guess I got my love from it from my mom, then," Henry smiled.

Belle nodded, taking another bite and not noticing the boy’s grin before she was suddenly encased in a pair of warm arms.

"It’s not polite to talk about someone behind their back, sweetheart," he murmured, pressing a kiss to her cheek before unwinding an arm to reach for her spoon. She kept it from him, taking a scoop and feeding it too him. "Sweet," he whispered, giving her a soft kiss before turning his attention back to his grandson, suddenly shy. "Not even her kin for a full week and already stealing my treats?"

"Hey, you snooze you lose!" Henry grinned. "Plus, grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandchild, and I think mom would approve of ice cream before dinner over teaching me to drive."

Belle smiled sweetly, and Rumple gave her waist one last squeeze before moving to go back to work.  “You’re going to have to share,” she teased her husband.

"It would appear so," he bit back a smile. He wasn’t fond of people taking what was his, but they were now family. After three centuries of fighting for it, he sure as hell wasn’t going to let something so trivial - and cold - bother him.

Not now, at least. He’d save his bitterness against the cold for Elsa.


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

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heya Steph


heya Steph


make me choose

stillthere4me asked: Gold&Emma or Gold&Regina

While I enjoy Gold and Emma scenes and wish for more after a near drought in season 3, one of my favorite relationships in the show is Gold and Regina. I just completely adore them together. They have electric chemistry and play off of each other so well. *draws hearts around them*

ouat meme: {1/6} scenes
             ↳Charming dances with Princess Emma: “You’re a natural just like your mother” “And you are the best teacher a daughter could hope for” “Ah Emma,
this is everything I ever hoped for you

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I think there must be a lot of us out there.

We’re all related to Henry Mills and we’re all Cora, this is law.

Also we are all bowls of soup.

Genetic Soup?

Wow this post has become so awesome. I love this fandom.

I knew we would always find each other

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once upon a timea summary

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I love you, Catwoman.
—Batman #45 (1948) script by Bill Woolfolk, art by Charles Paris


I love you, Catwoman.

—Batman #45 (1948) script by Bill Woolfolk, art by Charles Paris

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arzrobins asked: outlaw queen or rumbelle?

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the dark one keeps all ladders in the door-less vault of dangerous and unpredictable magic BECAUSE REASONS (based on this post)

rumbelle: a summary

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