heya Steph


heya Steph


The first and last page of a comic that shouldn’t have been cancelled Sword of Sorcery

"The only variable you can control is yourself. You can forget who you are, or you can be who you want to be. That’s why you stay. You stay for a second chance.”

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Hellblazer #214 / NBC Constantine

I’m really hoping this will be awesome.

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Reminder that Bruce once kept a whole world from getting destroyed because Dick was in it.

(Infinite Crisis)

Earth-Two Superman/Kal-L has this entire spiel about why HIS Earth is better, about how the main Earth is corrupt and terrible and awful. But Batman asks if that idea applies to Dick Grayson, too (IIRC, this was the scene Geoff Johns referred to when he said “Batman admitting that Grayson is the person most important to him”).

Despite the fact the he desperately wants to bring back his own pre-Crisis Earth (and save Lois while he’s at is), this Kal-L/Superman has to concede that Dick Grayson is just as wonderful on this “corrupted” Earth as he is on the “perfect” (Golden Age) Earth-Two.

And to Bruce, that’s enough.  As terrible as post-Crisis Earth may be, it is worth saving because of Dick Grayson.

Because Dick Grayson is Batman’s moral compass.

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DC WOMEN presents:

"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"
Flavia Dzodan

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drop me an ask if you wish to identify any characters here! (sans the first image)
here is the list of women included.

**I apologize for the usage of the term “non-heterosexual”. And it should be “women with disabilities” instead of “disabled women”**

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"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"
Flavia Dzodan

x Do not remove the text above. x
drop me an ask if you wish to identify any characters here! (sans the first image)
based on queenmera’s DC Intersectional Feminism post

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

Kick ass

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I really, really need to read more of Lorena. 

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-Brightest Day #20

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Gone, but not forgotten.

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I’ve bought every issue, both digitally and when they are in print Love this comic, and that last picture just.. yes. That made my day. Thank you, Lil’ Gotham team. :)

(Also, I still ADORE that first cover—so many awesome characters all at once)

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Read more of the webcomic HERE!   A new page is released EVERYDAY!

I’ve been sweating blood and working hard everyday for this comic for the last 7 months XD  So far I’m on the path of releasing one page a day without missing a day! :D :D :D If you have a moment, please check it out! 

Making a MangaMagazine account (without a subscription) will let you read past page 50! 

P.S. My Mega Man Zero webcomic will be done in this format XD

Hey everyone! Check out Wave’s original comic! It’s free and it’s gorgeous! 


JunioR #3

In addition to kicking his butt during their Swordwalkers game night, Damian finds himself having to kick some sense into his former mentor as well.


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I’m posting it like this because you need to see the detail on it and fuck the 1280px wide limit 8(

The Zatanna and John Constantine piece I commissioned from Astro!


I’ve just begun reading Hellblazer (I’ve been reading Justice League Dark) and this relationship has only been touched on in JLD. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them though. They are both such interesting characters, and I imagine that their relationship will be just as intriguing. 

And this picture is just gorgeous. 

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